This web site is an online portfolio, primarily showcasing a Sparx Enterprise Architect demo model.

If you wish to discuss this model further, including any short-term\ad hoc engagements with Sparx Enterprise Architect, you can contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

Architecture Modeling (Business, Enterprise, or Process)

Sparx Enterprise Architect

This published output presents the idea that any "enterprise class" modeling tool that you use for business, process, or enterprise architecture must fulfil a set of seven high-level functional areas in order to be viable. This includes the necessary skill sets and knowledge required to realize these "functional capabilities" as real business value.

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Casewise Corporate Modeler (legacy)

These web outputs were all produced using the Casewise Corporate Modeler toolset from 2013-2015. As I no longer have the product, these outputs have not been updated since around mid-2016; they are here as an archive that, for now at least, I want to keep as reference material.

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