Service Custom Training & Documentation

Service Custom Training & Documentation


Using my experience as professional technical author, senior consultant at Casewise, and academic interests in communications and learning, I am well placed to design and produce customized training and documentation. In other words, I can apply my knowledge and skills to your project objectives.

Many pre-defined training courses are ineffective. For example, the "70-20-10 Framework" puts formal classroom training at only 10% of learning (with 20% coaching and 70% as practical, on-the-job learning".

Similarly, may technical documents and "how to" guides, especially those for highly customizable and adaptable products like Casewise Modeler, are often forced to fall back on generic instructions which describe the software features rather than what you specifically want to do with them.

As a Casewise consultant, I often worked with clients to go beyond the Foundation course and documentation to create training courses and documentation libraries using their own data and models. Also, for longer assignments, I act as an in-house "super user" providing coaching and ongoing knowledge transfer.

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